Dr Sujatha S Patil


Visiting Consultant, RISA

Dr Sujatha S Patil is a Visiting Consultant, M.S in Prasutitantra & StreeRoga ( OB&G) as 18yrs of experience in the field of Ayurveda clinical practice.


  • Treating primary infertility and secondary infertility, Hyperplasia of endometrium,  PCOD, all gynaecological diseases [abnormal vaginal discharges, breast diseases, Menstrual abnormalities, DUB, Menopausal syndrome etc]
  • Garbhasamskara ( preconceptioncare)
  • Garbhini Paricharya -Regular Antenatal  care ,Hombale treatment ( Antenatal care)
  • Sukhaprasava – Sutika parichaya ( Post natal care) 
  • Expert in Yonidhavana, Yoni pichu, Uttaravasti, and pancha karma therapies related to women’s care .


  • Lady Medical Officer Ayur Therapy Centre, Bidar 1 year
  • Assistant Doctor Mathoshree Maternity Nursing Home, Bidar 2 years
  • Consultant Mathoshree clinic. Hospet 1year
  • Consultant
    • Vijayalaxmi Nursing Home. Bangalore.
    • Patanjali Chikitsalaya Thanisandra 5 years
    • Dhanwantari Clinic
  • She has extensive training and practice in Panchakarma and other sodhana treatments in Ayurveda regarding Gynecological diseases And Obstetrics and given guidance in managing both clinical and administrative functions of the hospital. 
  • Actively promoted Health education. 
  • Writes articles for newspapers and Magazines.


Professor & HOD
Department of Prasuti tantra and Stree roga

Academic Incharge
IIAMR, Bangalore


based in bengaluru

Dr Sujatha S Patil

Visiting Consultant, risa

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