Bhumika was a normal child who underwent normal milestones. She started walking at 11 months and was healthy until she developed fever,pain and swelling in all joints and developed deformityin the joints of hands and legs.As a result she was unable to walk. They approached several Allopathic doctors who diagnosed her condition as ‘Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis’ which is considered as a rare condition (not very common) and advised several medications and physiotherapy. She felt better for some time but after a year she suffered the same symptoms again. The doctors put her on corticosteroid therapy which made her feel better for a while and she started walking but when they understood that steroids if continued for a long time could be harmful, they discontinued the steroid treatment. Later again she was unable to walk and they approached a traditional practitioner in the village who gave her some Natti medicines. These helped as the deformity in her hand and leg joints, fever and swelling all reduced initially and she also started to walk. But later again the symptoms relapsed even when she was on treatment. They also tried homeopathy for a year with little improvement. Yet Bhumika was not well as the symptoms of fever and joint pain came up again and again. They were feeling quite frustrated when they were advised to consult Dr.G G Gangadharan, an eminent and successful Vaidya for effective Ayurvedic Treatment.

They approached Dr.G G Gangadharan when she was in 4th standard (9 years). With Dr.G G’s treatment she showed marked improvement. She started walking better, the episodes of fever, swelling and joint pain reduced and she was able to attend school quite regularly. The quality of life for Bhumika improved which made her a happy child. She had suffered a lot for all these years. Since then (7-8 years), Bhumika has been undergoing Ayurveda treatment under the guidance of Dr.GG Gangadharan at M S Ramaiah Indic Centre for Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Bangalore, India.

Now she can walk properly, attends regular college (Pre- University) and is pursuing her education well. Despite the mild deformity in the joints of her hands she manages to do fine art work. Bhumika and her parents are quite satisfied and happy with the outcome and expect continued improvement with the treatment. She comes to the Centre for regular check up and treatments that can keep her condition well under control.