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Can I have a general body massage at the RISA facility without consulting a doctor?

Yes, you can directly book an appointment for a general body massage with the front office of the Panchakarma department. You will be asked to pay a registration fee of Rs. 50 on your first visit. To book an appointment for a Panchakarma Treatment, call +91 9972313129.

Can anyone take Panchakarma treatments?

A physician will be better able to comment on the suitability of Ayurveda as a mode of treatment for you after an in-depth consultation. This is crucial as all major treatments and procedures in Ayurveda are tailor-made to suit an individual’s nature and address the disease he/she has.

How can I consult an Ayurveda physician at RISA?

You can book a consultation at a date and time of your convenience, and depending on the availability of the respective doctors, by calling any of the following numbers + 91-80-23606545, + 91 -80-22183456.

Apart from Panchakarma treatments, what are the other areas of specialisation at RISA?

RISA’s areas of specialisation include: Osteoarthritis as well as other musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders that are treated at our Marma Chikitsa clinic. The visiting consultants are available on Saturdays only, and can be consulted on a prior appointment basis. Infertility and reproductive diseases are treated by Prasutitantra and Streeroga experts. Ophthalmologic problems, including early cataract, diabetic retinopathy, macular edema and glaucoma are treated at RISA by Shalakyatantra experts . Consultations are conducted on the last Sunday of every month and appointments for the same must be booked in advance.

Are in-patient treatments in Ayurveda necessary?

The severity and chronicity of a patient’s health conditions determine his/her mode of treatment. For instance, in some cases, Panchakarma treatments need to be implemented under the guidance of experienced doctors and physicians. Treatments like vamana virechana, snehapana, yoga basti, etc, may also require constant observation. Further, avoiding travel and stress, and focussing instead on recuperation, ensures that the patient receives the complete benefits of the treatments.

What does the integrated treatment at RISA include?

At RISA, we offer Ayurveda treatments and Allopathy medications under the same roof. Investigations and consultations from Allopathy experts are used as and when required. If necessary, Allopathic treatment is administered simultaneously with Ayurveda treatment, ensuring that the patient benefits from the best of both worlds.

Can I take Ayurveda treatments and Allopathic medications simultaneously?

Depending on your health and the disease being treated, Ayurveda treatments and Allopathic medications can be administered simultaneously. Over time, the dosage of the Allopathic medication will be gradually reduced in consultation with the relevant specialists.