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Ayurveda’s holistic, all natural approach to health and wellness makes preventive medicine accessible to all through simple, easy to follow home remedies.



For Cough

Mix 1tsp of clove powder with 1tsp of honey. Dab frequently on tongue to reduce chronic cough. 

For Headaches, Sinusitis and Nasal congestion

Mix 1tsp of clove powder with hot water and apply as a paste on forehead. 

For Toothache

1-2 drops of clove oil can be applied around the effected tooth to relieve toothache.

For Chest burn

Soak 2-3 cloves overnight. Crush and add in 100ml of boiling water. Drink this frequently to alleviate chest burn.



During fever and for reducing difficulty in passing urine

Boil 10gms of coriander seeds in 400ml of water. Filter the water and add 1 spoon of sugar. Drink frequently to reduce burning sensation and thirst during fever. This concoction is also brings relief to those who have difficulty passing urine.

For indigestion and dysentery 

Mix 1tsp of coriander leaf paste in 1 glass of churned butter milk.

For Pimples

Mix 1tsp of coriander leaf juice with half a spoon of turmeric powder. Apply the paste on the affected skin to clear it.



For Cough

Mix 1/2tsp of jeera powder with 1/2tsp of dry ginger powder and 1tsp of honey. Take this concotion three times a day to reduce cough.

For Burning During Urination

Mix 1/2tsp of jeera powder with 1tsp of powdered sugar and take twice a day.

To Reduce Sneezing

Mix 1tsp of jeera powder with 1tsp of tulsi juice. Dab frequent on tongue to reduce sneezing.

To Clear Bowels

Add 1tsp of dry, roasted jeera powder to 1 glass of warm water. Have on an empty stomach.



To relieve gastric irritation

Have 100ml white pumpkin juice with 1tsp of sugar candy on an empty stomach.

For weight gain

Regular consumption of white pumpkin in different forms and in different food dishes helps in gaining weight.

To reduce blood sugar levels

Have white pumpkin juice everyday.




For cough with burning sensation

Mix 1tsp of pepper powder with 1tsp of ghee.

For worm infestation

Use black pepper regularly with your everyday food.

For dry cough 

Mix 1tsp of black pepper powder with 1/2tsp of honey and 1tsp of ghee.




To reduce bloating and pain in abdomen

Add 1/4tsp of hingu and a pinch of salt to 100ml hot water.

For quick digestion

Add hingu to your everyday cooking. This also enhances the flavours and taste of your dish.

For period cramps 

Add 1/4tsp of hingu powder and 1tsp of ghee to a glass of warm water.




For nausea and bad breath

Chew 1 to 2 cardamon seeds

For digestion, body ache, heartburn and painful urination

Boil water with cardamon and drink frequently.

Boil water with cardamon and drink frequently

Add 1/2tsp of cardamon powder and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder to a glass of boiling water. Gargle regularly to reduce hoarseness in throat.