Ayurveda EP 03 

Ayurveda believes every nuance of nature is part of the human body itself. Praana includes the five physiological functions, i.e., Praana, Apaana, Vyaana, Udaana, and Samaana. That which is born out of food and grows by food and goes back to earth which is the nature of food is the food sheath. Praana together with they’ve organs of action form the vital air sheath or the PraanamayakoshaThe mind and the five organs of perception together form the mental sheath. Intellect along with the five organs of perception form the intellectual sheath. Established in Avidya (a form of the causal body), of the impure nature united with the Vrittis (thought modifications), like Priya, Moda and Pramoda form the bliss sheath. These are the five sheaths. 

The video takes us deep into the very existence of human life. The Aatman – Which is the nature of Sat (Existence) – Chit (Knowledge) – Ananda (Bliss). In essence, Ayurveda is about maintaining the best balance between mind, body and soul and become one among nature.